Commercial Warranty Policy

Us, Inc., (“US”) does warrant to the original purchaser from US who buys solely for commercial or industrial uses, or for resale in the ordinary course of business, that each of the Products covered by this Commercial Warranty shall be free from defects in material and/or workmanship, under normal and proper use and service conditions.

Any products covered by this Commercial Warranty (including components thereof demonstrated to have been defective when shipped by US will be either repaired, replaced (with new or rebuilt replacement) or the purchase price therefore refunded, as US may determine solely in its discretion. A Product or component thereof covered by this Commercial Warranty supplied as a Warranty Replacement will assume the balance of the Period of Warranty applicable to the original measured from the date of replace. This Commercial Warranty does not include, and US will not assume or pay, the expense of travel time or mileage, any premium time of any party other than US; and repair, replacement, analysis or any other services or parts furnished by any party other than US unless specifically authorized in advance and in writing by US. This Commercial Warranty does not include labor or diagnosis, removal or installation of any products or components.

Products covered by this Commercial Warranty include all beverage and food dispensing or vending equipment manufactured or sold by US after the date hereof (not excluded hereinafter) and this Commercial Warranty is further limited to the use of that equipment in connection with appropriate food service activities for soft drinks, soft drinks syrups, beer, coffee, hot chocolate, tea or food commodities for which use the particular product has been identified by US, Inc.

Specific exclusions to this Commercial Warranty are OEM Sales, water filter cartridges, coin mechanisms, light bulbs, fuses glass. Diaphragms, seals, o-rings, silicone or rubber parts, refrigeration access valves or related refrigeration leaks, parts in contact with water or the product dispensed and which become inoperative due to scale or chemical change, normal maintenance items. This Commercial Warranty shall not apply to damage resulting from improper voltage, inadequate wiring, abuse accident, alteration, misuse, neglect, unauthorized repair, improper cleaning or failure to follow installation, operating or maintenance instructions. Remote water-cooled refrigeration systems must have properly sized an installed remote cooling towers or systems. Failure of refrigeration components (compressor-valves) due to remote condenser system failure, incorrect sizing, operation, or installation are not covered by this Commercial Warranty.

he Period of Warranty is (I) one (1) year from the date of installation, or, (ii) fifteen (15) months form the date of shipment by US of a product covered hereby. Whichever time period elapses first. For products incorporating a refrigeration system the Period of Warranty, with respect to the refrigeration system only (defined as the compressor Is five (5) years from this date of installation or sixty-three (63) months from the date of shipment by US, whichever time period elapses first.

ny claim under this Commercial Warranty must be made as promptly as is reasonably possible , but in no event later then thirty (30) consecutive calendar days, after the discovery of the defect. Such claims are to be directed to the US CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT at 6980 DISTRIBUTION DRIVE, BELTSVILLE, MARYLAND 20705 USA (888) 556-2112

Under no circumstances should the entire unit be returned to US except for repair or replacement of the sealed refrigeration unit. Whenever a product is returned to US for repair or placement of the sealed refrigeration system under the terms of the Commercial Warranty and the defect is found to exist in parts other than the sealed refrigeration system (example: motor. Condenser fan motor, start capacitor or relay), an evaluation fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) may be charged. If such defective part needs replacement or repair and is within its Period of Warranty, such part will be replaced or repaired at no charge, except for labor for the removal and installation of such part which will be the responsibility of the customer. If not within its Period of Warranty, a charge for such part and the labor will be made.

The product covered by this Commercial Warranty, or components thereof, must not be returned to US without authorization from the US CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT. Instructions for return will be given with any such authorization. All returned products and/or parts must be shipped prepaid to US, Inc. Return shipping costs of repaired or replacement products or parts will be prepaid by US, except that as to original purchasers in Alaska or Hawaii, US will pay shipping costs only to Seattle or San Francisco respectively. US will not accept collect shipments. Replaced products or parts become the property of US. Any product or parts returned to US under the terms of this Commercial Warranty must be accompanied by a Returned Goods Tag, properly filled out as to unit model number and serial number and detailed explanation of failure.
Except for descriptions of size, quantity and type, which may appear on US invoices and other written materials, and except for any statements of conformity of US products with specifications of certain industry, government or professional organizations standards, which may appear as product information disclosures in US literature and other documents from time to time. THIS COMMERCIAL WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF AND EXCLUDES ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

US’ LIABILITIES ARE LIMITED SOLELY AND EXCUSABLY TO THE REPLACEMENT OR REPAIR OF THE DEFECTIVE PRODUCT OR REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PRICE OF SAID PRODUCT. US IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, WHETHER ANY CLAIM FOR RECOVERY IS BASED ON THERORIES OF CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR TORT. Without limitation, these liabilities do not include shipping charges, labor, installation or any other losses or expenses incurred in operation of installation of any replaced, repaired or returned product or component. In those jurisdictions where liability or damages cannot be disclaimed, the original purchasers recovery shall not exceed the cost of the product to which this Commercial Warranty may apply.
US neither assumes, nor authorizes and salesperson, distributor, employee, agent or other person to assume for it, any liability of obligation of any kind which is different from the terms of this Commercial Warranty.
For US warranties on products other then covered hereunder, see the Warranties covering each product category.
US may in its discretion direct an Authorized Service Center or National service Organizations reasonably proximate to the Original Purchaser to perform its obligations under this Commercial Warranty, Extended Warranties and/or service related requests. That Service Center may also perform such other services as the purchase may require at purchasers expense. Information is subject to change without notice.